Sam Fisher Choas Theory

Sam Fisher Choas Theory

I know what u mean the other splinter cells were legends but i believe this one will be just as good u still sneak and thats how i play so ya i dont disagree or agree with you.

I think the best part about it is that it's most fun to play stealthy cause you really feel like a predator and you can do it fast and silently like your freakin Jason bourne or something. I also love the tons of different options you have in killing your targets. That one short demo has had me hooked for days and I'm still finding new ways to play things out.

I have to disagree, he uses stealth in a tactical flanking way because people searching in the last known position. HE IS NOT rambo, he disappears then strikes, these games are known for their difficulty so going head on will be tougher, and in the long run impossible.

i think its cool now sam fisher is the man in the books unlike the other games where your seen your dead now if your seen he can get out of the situation effectively and like the REAL sam fisher.

"a reinvention of the franchise" - meaning they don't give a damn how much the loyal fan base begs, they won't give us back what we so dearly miss: VERSUS, the way it was in Chaos Theory. The best versus experience in gaming history, and they refuse to even acknowledge us.

Chaos Theory's coop only had like 4-5 missions... so this is chill for me... my only problem is the difficulty... i want to be strained.

As much as I know from Chaos Theory's coop, there are different levels for it... but about split screen, I cant really tell coz I played PC version and I was doing it in lan..

i just hope it isnt one of those games that have only like 3 coop story parts. Hoping for like up to 12 multiplayer parts with more as downloadable content. now that would be delicious.

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